For Companies

We help companies across a wide range of industries including technology hardware, software, internet, retail, and finance.

  • For large corporations: We work with social media & marketing teams, product groups, and labs, to devise and implement strategies that enable you to meet business targets in the ever changing social world. Using proprietary frameworks and expertise in creating superior customer experience in complex organizations, we help you connect with, and engage, your customers in new ways, gain competitive leverage, and achieve higher customer satisfaction through social interactions, product experience, solutions, services, and process innovation.
  • For start-up companies: We partner with you to help turn your technologies into desirable products for the US customer, define the business model, create compelling brand and value proposition, produce your marketing collateral, define the product experience for a competitive edge, and connect you with the right resources and contacts to help you grow.
  • For mid-size businesses: We help take stagnant or under-performing products to the next level through a combination of strategy, customer outreach, and product evolution.