Our Approach

Results Driven. We work with you to identify your most critical business needs. Our strategy and implementation plans typically result in measurable outcomes within 2-6 months of implementation.

Personal. Being a small consultancy, we are able to work closely with you and your company. We truly invest in understanding your goals, and partner with you to identify achieve them in a productive and effective way.

Collaborative. You are the best domain knowledge expert in your goals and in your company’s business. This is the reason our approach is to collaborate with you, as a partner, on defining strategies that work for you. Together, we brainstorm ideas, map opportunities, decide on best paths, and validate our direction with your stakeholders. That way, there are no surprises and by the time we deliver the final result you’re already on your way to implementation.

Agile. We chose to be small so we can deliver high quality results quickly. With each of our clients we assess the most critical business objectives and measurable results. We then bring experts in relevant fields and together, we create whole solutions that truly meet our client needs and translate to business growth.

Comprehensive. We like to stay lean and efficient and deliver results fast—but we also believe in a comprehensive approach. Depending on the specific need or problem you are trying to address, we conduct expert analyses and audits, hold discovery workshops to explore root causes of unmet needs, gather existing or new customer information, survey competitors and technologies, and investigate new trends that will impact your ability to succeed. We deliver a whole solution to you. No band-aids here!

Innovative. By bringing together various disciplines including Customer Experience design, Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology, Human Factors, Business Management, Product Marketing—and experts who work with leading companies and design firms, we are able to provide you with truly innovative solutions that fully address your business problems.