Case Studies

Strategy and execution for a customer retention, up-sell, and cross-sell program during a large Merger and Acquisition


Fortune 50 Software, Hardware, and Services corporation

The Challenge

A fortune 50 company failed on 5 prior acquisitions. With the largest acquisition to date imminent, the company wanted to ensure a successful acquisition and integration. While it has set processes to address previous challenges, the company did not know how to address the issue of defecting large clients during the acquisition process.

The Solution

A customer retention program focused on the IT decision makers in large players in the financial services that can be implemented during the integration period and provide the foundation for ongoing best practice program during M&A’s.


The Customer Experience Management program resulted in:

  • 145% performance over expectations within the first 6 months
  • 7X contract renewal rate for the industry
  • 100% customer retention (for customers the company wished to retain)
  • Repeatable process that was later implemented during an even larger acquisition
  • Loyal customers reported they had been “moved from a place of uncertainty to a place of trust.”