Case Studies

Product definition, Strategy, US Market Entry Strategy


European Web 2.0 Startup


A social-networking-focused company from Europe was planning its US market entry strategy. The company wished to identify the best use of its technology for the US market given a number of business parameters, create a differentiated product experience, and GTM strategy.


The company did not have firsthand knowledge of the US social networking software landscape, potential competitors, US customer needs, or how to create a differentiated and compelling product given its distance from the market.

The Solution

The company contracted with Ustrategy to design and deliver a US product discovery process. The process included:

  • Customer research and needs analysis
  • A private panel of experts in innovation, future thinking, technology, and advanced gaming mechanics
  • A 2-day highly focused work session designed to provide the foundation for its US strategy


By the end of the discovery phase, the startup had:

  • Flashed out product concept
  • High level phased development plan
  • The foundation for its value proposition and key messaging in the US
  • Business model and pricing
  • A visual capture of the process and results to share with the extended team and to use in their board meeting.