We combine deep expertise in human psychology, motivation, and change with vast business experience across industries, segments, and company stage to give women strategies for success in the business world, and, by extension—in their personal lives. Our unique approach has been refined over the past 15 years—it enables women to adapt and adjust more quickly, transition successfully through life stages, enhance personal flexibility and response flexibility, and provide women with tangible tools they can use themselves as well as model to others.

Personal. We work with you to identify the core objectives and outcomes that will serve you the best—no matter where you want to get. Whether it’s enhancing your communication skills, adjusting your leadership skills in the new economy and changing workplace, reducing stress, or learning how to empower others—we’ll work with you to develop a plan that will get you using the right format and most appropriate frameworks for your needs.

Relevant. Women today are on the brink of a new kind of success. Today’s world is much more aggressive and yet it is also much more open and increasingly—relationship and network focused. Together, we’ll identify the most relevant tools and skills you need to have today within the ecosystem of your career and personal life.

Results-driven. Everything we do is designed to lead to near-immediate results. Using proprietary frameworks that combine psychology, businesses, and change methodologies we will together identify the results you’d like to see and then drive each of our interactions—be it personal coaching, workshop, HR strategy, to get you there!

Women-specific. While we recognize that everyone could use help evolving, growing their leadership skills, obtaining new knowledge and tools for managing their career in this new economy, Ustrategy has chosen to focus on women in business. Our methodologies, frameworks, and processes have been adjusted for the values women hold dear, for the unique way women prefer to perceive information, experiment with change, and integrate change on deep levels for lasting effect.

Entrepreneurial. We like to pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial approach to change. With Ustrategy, you don’t just listen—you act. You don’t just get inspired—you take with you tools you can use every day. Each interaction gives you more skills than you had, more flexibility to adapt and adjust. In essence, we give you tools to become your own personal entrepreneur…your company name is YOU.