Thank You!

This workshop provided insights about my natural approach in life and why certain situations have beem difficult too me. It gives me pause about the career choices I’m making. Thank you!
-Laurel S.

I came out of this workshop with a great deal of clarity.

I attended a workshop that Ravit held for women in business regarding managing stress. I came out of this workshop with a great deal of clarity; feeling as if the weight of the world was off of my shoulders for once in a very long time. Ravit is an extremely skillful coach—she has a warm smile & genuine heart. Her background in psychology and business are an effective, balanced combination. She clearly is passionate about what she does! She was able to create a safe space for me & the other women to share in great detail with one another, which was an eye-opening experience for me. The massive amount of material that we learned from Ravit & the ground we covered in just 3 hour’s time was priceless! Since yesterday’s workshop, I have already had several crucial conversations with my husband—who is also my business partner—that will undoubtedly transform our personal and working relationship for the better! Thank you Ravit for such a great experience! I am looking forward to future workshops and coaching sessions.
-Sara W.

I wanted to thank you for the workshop.

I left feeling more relaxed than I had arrived armed with some ideas to reduce stress in my work life. I also made some good connections with some fabulous women. It was just great knowing that I am not alone.
-Erin H.